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The History of Biography About Johann Sebastian Bach

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This website is – like all Bach websites in our "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" – constructed in a way to get to your destination via the navigation on your left in no time. However: On this page, on which you are reading currently, there is much more exciting stuff related to the subject. Plus you may read how to rpofit most from this webiste related to the biographies about Johann Sebastian Bach.


To the point – and that is to say here and now – you get to a selection of biographies directly here. With just one click on the button.

It goes without saying that 7,000 biographies means, that all early biographies which are released in a new edition again and again, are included in the counting. Why shouldn't they, if after more than 200 years a biography is so exciting, that a new printing edition is sucessful? The littlest biography but one is what you see in the picture above. It's wrtitten by Nikolaus Forkel, one of the really great of the guilde. However: That small is this biography existing not earlier than some 70 years ago. Yes, and there is one even smaller.

7,000 Biographies in 260 Years: The Life of Johann Sebastian Bach


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