Johann Sebastian Bach: a Biography for Your Tablet


But of course. When more and more people are reading on the tablet. Where the feel isn't right, but you can take around 5,000 books with you on holiday. Or 10,000? ++++++++++++++ On the subject: So there is the Bach biography for children, which is also a Bach biography for adults, if you don't want to approach the subject in a very serious way, also as a variant for the tablet. More ... is not really to be said about that, except that it goes here and now to the shop.


Gifts for Musicians and More Gifts for Musicians: 33 Music Calendars, 33 Composers Calendars and 33 Bach Calendars



The Bach calendar coming with the Bach biography. A biography, not to read, but to "hang it on the wall". 3 sizes. 2019 + 2020.  Do you want to discover all monthly pages now? That is possible in the shop.




3 music gifts: 1 Bach calendar, 2 composers calendars, 3 music calendars. All come in 3 sizes. Available 2019 + 2020.





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