Johann Sebastian Bach: the Bach Biography No. 1 + Nr. 2 as an Audio Book


Are you a musical person? And in addition, a friend of classical music in general and of Bach's works in particular? And you are also interested in the life of the Thuringian.


Then an offer on the "Bach Market" might be exactly the right one: namely the Bach biography from 1750, the Nekrolog, as an audio book. With music. Read by a professional. Just listen to it for once. And don't read the free text beforehand. Then ... the audio collage is hardly any fun anymore! Click here to go to the shop.



The "Bach Biography for Children" Is Also Amusing for Grown-Ups


... by Peter Bach, Jr.


And so it came into being ... the Bach biography for children, which is also exciting and entertaining for grown-ups to read. Right from the very beginning of our Bach mission, when we were even more interested in the composer than we thought about spreading our knowledge, it was clear that Johann Sebastian Bach was a challenge in every aspect: The genealogy was incredibly unclear, although Bach himself provided strong support with his "origin". And yet! Then his music: Those who wanted to get closer to Bach musically simply found no clues on the Internet. And CDs with the title "Best of Bach" led me to turn away from buying Bach and listening to it for the first time. Because they weren't the best pieces of Bach, but the ones the label hoped to make the most profit from, or with the pieces that cost the least when purchased. Or with the pieces that best fit in length on a CD.


Summary: I imagined how difficult all this must have been for children to grasp, who in a "first tender attempt" came closer to classical music through the composer from Thuringia, of all people. And so my project "Bach on Bach" came into being, a website that really dealt with almost all aspects of Bach's life and all about Bach. Among them were exciting topics such as the analysis of whether the Bachs really are one of the very great and famous families of musicians. And if so, then on which "rank". Next the musician family and now especially the genealogy with its challenges. The music ... namely a real investigation into which are the most popular pieces that have been heard the most ... and not ... the best! But more and more the life of the Thomaskantor came into focus and I thought about how I could come up with a coloring book and a biography for children about Bach. Of course, I first researched on Google and Amazon, but I didn't find anything there, neither as a book nor as a radio play, which was similar to a biography. Some of it was offered in sections, also presenting Bach as "always little composer". But there was nothing suitable for children that could be placed between a real biography and a work that would be exciting for children.


I contacted several authors who had already written about Bach, but the enthusiasm was not particularly intense. As far as the coloring book was concerned, I even received a rejection from a 30 years younger artist with the words: "Your request is even unserious". So I decided to "take care of" both myself. The challenge was how to write a biography about Bach to make it an exciting read for children. Again I did some research and found a wonderful book I was looking for biographies for kids about other famous people about August the Strong and there a court fool "told" about his life. So... a fool was out of my story, he wouldn't have fit in either. But the principle was cool. And so for my biography I thought up the two little baroque cherubs Veit and Balthazar, who fit perfectly into the baroque era of that time. And that was the right way to include a lot of fun and smiles around the life of Johann Sebastian Bach. For what age I wrote this biography? I had no idea back then. However, the illustrations of my sister Petra-Ines pointed to the "dwarf target group" and with her skill the challenge of illustration was also solved in the best and most amiable way.


The book was created within a complete year and in the expectation that we would never find a publisher who would publish and print such a book for such a small niche market and thus take on the risk of financing, we decided to produce and publish this book ourselves. My wife Renate founded "Bach 4 You", her Bach publishing house for exactly this reason. Since then, my Bach project "Bach on Bach", her publishing house "Bach 4 You" exist and together they form our common Bach mission.


The rest is told in brief. Many adults also read the book and recommended it to "folks over 14". Maybe not for teens and not for very young adults, they are too young and too old at the same time, but for parents and grandparents it is perfect. And it's perfect for Bach fans who would like to get to know the composer in an "easy going" and smiling way.


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