Johann Sebastian Bach: The Biography as an eBook


One hour of voice recording for our professional narrator, who can also be heard on television and radio and with whom my husband and I also deal in our business ... that's what my husband thought ... it would take that long to speak the complete book about Bach that he wrote. It turned out to be 4 hours of sound recording net. Net means when all the mistakes and repetitions are cut out. It has become a really cool Bach book, namely the Bach biography for children, which is probably the most amusing book on Johann Sebastian Bach for grown-ups. For an author a real paper book is still the culmination of a long production process.


There is this Bach biography for children and also the Bach biography for grown-ups as well in other variants. Once as an audio book, you can get to it by clicking here. And that in 3 variations: with a lot of music, with little music and with no music at all. Of course, we do not offer you the "cat in the bag" ... You can also listen to a sample on this page.


The entertaining Bach biography is available electronically in 2 versions. Once as eBook and then also for your tablet as PDF. The difference for the few remaining, for whom this is not already crystal clear? The eBook does not contain any pictures and the variant for your tablet, the PDF, is the paper book 1:1. That is to say with all pictures. To the shop.


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A Bach calendar. And what a Bach calendar! It is actually one of the coolest of its kind. There's also a composers calendar available in this style. That one is almost cooler, but it's not for Bach fans. 3 sizes. 2022 + 2023. US / EU style. To the shop?




The 2022 Emoji calendar. Are we kidding, an Emoji calendar on a Johann  Sebastian Bach website? No, we are not, just smiling. This music calendar is one of 99 music calendars, and they are all available to refinance our Bach mission and Peter Bach, Jr.'s "Bach on Bach" project. This calendar is purchasable 2022 + 2023. US style + EU style.




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