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How Many Bach Cities and Bach Places Do Exist?


How many Bach cities are there now? And how many Bach locations? And what exactly is a Bach city, or rather a Bach place? And why at all does this page begin so terribly complicated?


Because it's not quite that simple. When you first get to know a composer, you associate Mozart with Salzburg, Austria Beethoven with Bonn, Germany and Wagner with Bayreuth in Bavaria, also Germany. It's different with Bach. Many associate the composer with Eisenach, where he was born some 330 years ago. And of course many do the same with Leipzig, where he lived and worked for by far the longest time of his life. But there are just 7 more Bach cities and Bach places that can be connected with his name. But and this has already been revealed here it is not quite that simple. Because however you list it: It always remains a little complicated. And so you can start with the fact that ten and not nine places play a role in his life. And if you want to examine it by "hook or crook", then you can define - in the broadest sense - 33 Bach cities and Bach locations. If we leave aside the fact that Johann Sebastian Bach is "only" the shining light within the largest family of musicians in the world, the result would be even more Bach cities and Bach places. Namely those that have nothing to do with Johann Sebastian himself, but with other Bachs, such as Milan and London. We do not want to go that far. Why Erfurt is the mother of all Bach cities, and yet has less to do with Johann Sebastian Bach, and why Andisleben is completely uninteresting for every Bach fan, but not for a few Bachs from America: That is what you can find out on this page about the Bach cities and Bach locations in Germany.


Oh, yeah... You are now very interested in all 33 Bach cities and Bach towns? Then please click here. And if you want to know more about families of musicians, then click here.


1. 9 + 1 Bach Cities and Bach Places ... How Do You Prefer It? Plus, You Will Meet 5 Almost Unknown Bach Monuments


One theme, four variations. How would you like to experience the Bach cities and Bach towns? Here on this page? First of all an explanation of the theme "9 + 1". Wechmar is of enormous importance for the history of Johann Sebastian Bach, although he has never been there. Because when you hear or read about the life of the most important and outstanding musician in the world's most important and largest family of musicians, the beginnings are simply a must. And these beginnings can be found in Wechmar. Wechmar is a tiny community in the neighborhood of the Bach city of Gotha in Germany.


Bach cities and Bach locations in four variations, that is what I promised you. First of all, this is a small selection of a few pictures of each of these Bach cities or Bach sites. As an alternative there are three-minute short videos: 15 - 25 pictures and one of Bach's musical works. This means that you will hear a different piece of music from the master for each of the Bach cities and each of the Bach locations, and you will see at intervals of about 10 seconds one pretty motif after another. If you are not enthusiastic about this form of presentation, alternative no. 3 might be the perfect one for you: There is also another kind of video about each of the Bach places and cities. With narrated text, pictures, graphics, pieces of music by Johann Sebastian but also with current music and in these videos there is not only information about Bach, but about more around the Bach city or Bach location. Film sequences and small graphic parts are replaced by each other. Finally, as my fourth offer, I would like to introduce you to 10 of the most unknown Bach monuments in the world, from 33. And finally ... ...there's also a surprise.


As on all the websites of our Johann Sebastian Bach Mission and "Bach on Bach", the same applies to this website on the subject of biographies and especially to the page on Bach's cities and Bach locations: Please do not take everything too seriously.


The Bach Place of Wechmar close to Gotha in Thuringia, Germany



Pictures of the Bach cities and Bach locations: Wechmar, Thuringia in Germany. The history of the musical family begins here around 1600. The Veit Bach Mill there has been lovingly restored. But it was almost demolished. By the way ... and this applies to all pictures about Bach cities and Bach places: There are dozens of photos more than here on this page. Just click on the link and experience all these Bach towns and places in detail: at "Bach on Bach".




Wechmar is the oldest community of the ten Bach cities and Bach locations in terms of Bach history. Veit Bach was the first of the family of musicians who according to an ancient document played a musical instrument. Here you can see the former bakery, where he worked back then ... today it is the Bach Stammhaus.




The Saint Viti Church. In Wechmar. After the patron saint of the community and the church Veit Bach is probably named.


The Bach City of Eisenach in Thuringia, Thuringia in Germany



Johann Sebastian Bach is born in the Bach city of Eisenach. High above the town is the Wartburg, which you connect with Martin Luther worldwide.




The middle of the Bach city of Eisenach: In the picture, you see the city hall, with the tower. On the left is the town palace (... which you almost do not see in the picture), in which the father of Johann Sebastian Bach was a town musician and made music.




One of the most exciting places in the Bach city Eisenach: the Frauenplan (... it's the name of a square, like Times Square). Three Bach highlights await all Johann Sebastian Bach fans: The Bach House, where Johann Sebastian Bach lived for almost 10 years but was not born, can be seen on the left, the second most famous Bach monument stands on the right in front of the group of trees and the most impressive and youngest attraction ... the Bach Museum.



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The Bach City of Ohrdruf in Thuringia, Germany



Bach had to move to Ohrdruf, the second of the "real" Bach cities. To his oldest brother, after he lost in the age of 10 years first his mother and later his father, too. A dream in Ohrdurf is the city hall of the Bach city, here in the picture.




The Bach town of Ohrdruf offers even two Bach monuments. Measured by the density of inhabitants, this is the record among the Bach towns and Bach places. Not even Leipzig can accomplish such a result. In addition, two of the great composers are immortalized here on the Bach monument. It is the tribute that Beethoven paid to Bach: "Not "Bach", but "Sea" should be his name". By the way, there are 150 quotes about Johann Sebastian Bach ... Beethoven's about him is the most famous. For our US citizens here is some help: "Bach" in English is a "creek".




The Bach city of Ohrdruf: It burnt terribly here – how weird that might sound – thank Goodness after my photo session. However: It's bad enough.



The Bach City of Lüneburg in Lower Saxony, Germany



The Bach city of Lüneburg: In the picture, you see the gorgeous city hall. The only thing that is missing all over the city is a memorial for the master from Thuringia. However ... maybe that changes someday in the future.




The Bach city of Lüneburg with a second pic: "On the sand" is the name of the gorgeous square. Plus, the better the weather, the better the photos.




The Bach city of Lüneburg: With this photo and the two above you meanwhile have a small summary, how nice this Bach city actually is.



The Bach City of Arnstadt in Thuringia, Germany



The Bach city of Arnstadt: our favorite Bach city. In Arnstadt Bach still was a lummox. Bach extended his vacation on his own authority, Bach got into a fight with his choir students and Bach let – back then a no-no – a woman perform in the church.




The Bach city of Arnstadt: Look at the photo, it is exactly the perspective, that Bach has from his foundation, on which he lolls about. Like a young person, in his first exciting job. Because the one before wasn't exciting.




Actually there are Bach cities without a single Bach monument: not in Arnstadt. In the picture above Bach lolls about and the way he lolls about is how he behaved back then in Arnstadt. That is to say loose, cool, hip.


The Bach City of Mühlhausen in Thuringia, Germany



The Bach city of Mühlhausen: Between the decision, to hire Bach and the begin of his work the whole town almost burnt down. The city council almost did not underwrite the agreed contract.




The Bach city of Mühlhausen a second time: A gigantic Lords's house. Small and tiny is the monument, that honors Bach. A colossal contrast is accomplished. However, Bach is not that small, that you don't recognize him on the photo ... he is located on the other side of the church.




One of the two Bach cites with the youngest Bach monuments is Mühlhausen: Bach is located directly next to the Divi Blasii Church, next to the foundation, as if he does not belong there yet.


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The Bach Place of Dornheim close to Arnstadt in Thuringia, Germany



The Bach place of Dornheim: Exactly in the time, when Bach was cantor in the church in the picture above in Mühlhausen, he married in the tiny church in Dornheim, a small village right at the doorstep of Arnstadt. Dornheim is by far the smallest Bach place.




The Bach monument in one of the two smallest Bach places: in Dornheim.




The Bach place of Dornheim: Yup, that is how you can see him enlarged, our Johann Sebastian. In Dornheim.


The Bach City of Weimar in Thuringia, Germany



The Bach city of Weimar: Those two guys above are Goethe and Schiller. They are so important, that they better hid Bach at all. However, boy scouts do find him. Maybe ... one day they pay the due respect and after that, there finally also will be a Bach House in Weimar.




The Bach city of Weimar ... the City Palace. So, Bach is located very close to this place. And if somebody knows, where his monument is, it's much, much easier to find. Because obviously ... it's not really.




Impressing? Maybe impressing on this photo. Nowhere – in none of the Bach cities – is the discrepancy between the meaning of the musician and the length of his stay there in the in proportion to the appreciation is so gigantic, like in the cultural metropolis of Weimar. It's a pity. Actually.


The Bach City of Köthen in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany



The Bach city of Köthen: a dream city honors a dream musician.




The Bach city of Köthen for the second time: It's a dream for photographers. And Bach would have loved to spend his whole life in this city. It's what he stated back then.




The Bach trilogy in Köthen: The Bach square, the Bach monument and in the background the second Bachhaus. It's the one with the "Don't even think about stopping here sign". The first Bachhaus ... does not exist anymore.


The Bach City of Leipzig in Saxony, Germany



The Bach city of Leipzig: Felix has donated this Bach monument. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, he himself was a great composer and musician. Today it's located 20 steps away from the New Bach Monument.




The Bach city of Leipzig, again: The St. Thomas Church. Left of it is the St. Thomas Square, behind it the St. Thomas shop, on it the New Bach Monument, on the left the Bach Archive and behind both, 20 steps further, the Old Bach Monument.




The Bach city of Leipzig: Well, this is surely the most famous Bach monument and even a little more famous than the one in Eisenach. It's impressing. You feel little in front of it, in front of the Thomas Cantor, the band leaser, the Royal Polish and Elected Saxon Court Composer.


2. Bach Cities and Bach Places ... Here You Get Bach Music Pure, Only Beautiful Pictures and You Won't Be Bothered by Narrated Text



Video 1 matching the chapter Bach cities and Bach places: Wechmar. You listen to "Air" from the "Overture in D Major", BWV (... which is Bach Works Directory) 1068 of Johann Sebastian Bach ... and you see the most beautiful photo motives of this Bach place.




Video 2 matching the chapter Bach cities and Bach place. Eisenach. You listen to the "Concert No. 2 of the Brandenburg Concerts", BWV 1047 of Johann Sebastian Bach and you will discover the most beautiful photos of this Bach city, which you can photograph in Eisenach.




The third video regarding the chapter Bach cities and Bach places: Ohrdruf. You listen to the "Orchestra suite No. 2 in h minor", No. 1067 in the BWV of Johann Sebastian Bach ... and you will see the most beautiful photos which this Bach city offers.




Video no. 4 regarding the Bach cities and Bach places page on this website. You listen to "How glad that I have Jesum", BWV 147, of Johann Sebastian Bach ... and again you get the most beautiful photos of this Bach city Lüneburg.




Video no. 5 regarding the Bach cities and Bach places page on this website. The Bach city of Arnstadt in the next video. You listen to the "Overture No.2 in h minor", BWV 1067 of Johann Sebastian Bach ... and enjoy dreamlike photos of that beautiful, and our favorite, Bach city.



Video no. 6 fitting the chapter Bach cities and Bach places: Mühlhausen. You listen to the "Musical Sacrifice", BWV, which is Bach Works Directory, of Johann Sebastian Bach ... and you will experience the town in real beautiful photographs. The most Western Bach city in Thuringia.




Video number 7 in this chapter. It's about the Bach cities and the Bach places. Listen to the "French Suites, Suite No. 5", BWV 816 of Johann Sebastian Bach ... and it's really not that easy to take these many photos in such a small village like Dornheim is.




Video number 8 on the Bach cities and Bach places page on the Bach biography website. Listen to the world-famous "Toccata in D minor", BWV 5656 of Johann Sebastian Bach ... and experience the city with an audio visual trip.




Video number 9 matching the chapter Bach cities and Bach locations. Listen to the music work "Peasants Cantata", which is the BWV works 212 from Johann Sebastian Bach ... and you see the most beautiful motifs in the Bach city, in which the master would have loved to live all his life.




Final* and tenth video - it's number 10 - matching the chapter Bach cities and Bach places. Listen to the violin concert number 2 in F Major, which is BWV works number 1042 from Johann Sebastian Bach. Enjoy all the photos, which my husband took, but these are by far not all beautiful sights you can photograph in this Bach city and musical metropolis. * = "Final" means final video with music and no narrated text.


3. Bach Cities and Bach Places ... Here You Get 10 Short Videos and This Time There Is also Narrated Text



Video 11 regarding the chapter Bach places and Bach cities, however, now with narrated text, film, stills, and music of both Johann Sebastian Bach and contemporary musicians.




Video No. 12 on the Bach cities and Bach places page: Eisenach in Thuringia. Here you will find a real short informative show with narrated text and photos, film and music from both J.S. Bach and from musicians of our century.




Video 13 regarding the subject of Bach cities, Bach places, Bach locations and Bach monuments. It's a little informative show. Most important: It is short. Next important detail: You get a compact information, what to do there and which role the city played for Johann Sebastian Bach lovers.




Video 14 on the chapter Bach cities and Bach locations: Lüneburg. Here is a real small and short show about this city. With film and photos, with text and music by Bach, but also with music of today.




Video 15 matching the chapter of the Bach cities and Bach locations: Arnstadt in the heart of Thuringia. Here is a cute and short show about this great city. With film and with photos, with text, narrated by a professional and with music by J.S. Bach, but also with current music.




Video No. 16 coming with the information about the Bach cities and Bach places in Germany. There are little presentations, all are between 3 and 6 minutes long, and they entertain with text and music, film and photos.




Bach cities and Bach places Video No. 17. A combination of both film and photos and narrated text and music. Enjoy.




The Bach cities and Bach places video 18 presents the third real Bach town in Thuringia. With text and music, film and photos.




Video 19 coming with the chapter about Bach cities and Bach places. A miniature portrait presents this small town, in which Bach wanted to happy for the rest of his life.




Video 20 coming with the chapter Bach cities and Bach places: Leipzig. Here you will find a real small and short show about this town. With film and photos, with text and with music from Bach, and with contemporary music, too.


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4. Bach Cities and Bach Places ... From Here You Get to a Clearly Arranged Information, to the Point, About Many Bach Locations



Wechmar, the second smallest of the Bach places. Here you will find some reading.




Eisenach, the first of the "real" Bach cities: Here you will get more information.




Ohrdruf, the second of the "real" Bach cities. More information?




Only one of the "real" Bach cities has no Bach monument: Lüneburg. Are you in the mood to learn something about Lüneburg?




The first of the Bach cities, in which the composer had a "real job". Because making a little music before in Weimar and that was only for have year ... that actually doesn't count. Your way to more read.




Mühlhausen, the only one of the Bach cities, in which an enormous fire burnt down 400 houses including countless stables. That is why Mühlhausen almost became no Bach city at all. Here is your way to read more.




Dornheim, the smallest of all Bach places. The distance to the Bach city of Arnstadt is only three kilometers, which is around 4.5 miles. Are interested in more to read?




The third of the Bach cities: Weimar. Above the horse by the way   you see the remaining wall of Bach's home in Weimar. Und to the right of the cartridge, they hided Bach. So? Are we exaggerating? Between the two tree trunks you may find him. Alternatively, you zoom into the picture and enlarge it much. Are you interested in reading more about Weimar now?




Köthen is the first of the two important Bach cities outside of Thuringia. Are you interested to read something about Köthen now?




Leipzig is the Bach city of all Bach cities. You may read a little more about Leipzig here.



5. The 5 Probably Most Unknown Bach Monuments in the World


That's right, you already know the huge New Bach Monument in Leipzig with a medium, healthy general education and you also have the famous Bach monument in Eisenach in mind. But to call up more Bach monuments in one's mind ... this already includes some special interest in the life of Johann Sebastian Bach. Then it is the turn of the younger Bach tributes in Mühlhausen and Arnstadt. Perhaps even the somewhat older one in Köthen. In the Bach city of Lüneburg there is none at all and who, if he or she is not already particularly interested in Bach's life's journey, knows Dornheim ... and the tribute there? But there is more to discover. More Bach monuments. Here in Germany and all over the world.



The Bach monument in Ansbach in Bavaria in Germany. Bach never visited Ansbach, but the Ansbach residents adore Johann Sebastian Bach.




The Johann Sebastian Bach monument in Ulm, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This memorial is located inside the Ulm Minster.




We discovered this Bach monument as late as after many years and only with a single image on Google Images. This picture above is what we got from a China enthusiast. This tribute is located in Shanghai near the Central Station.




Discovered by our American friend Joan, it needed some 7 years to be inserted in our "monument section" in the Bach mission. This Bach monument in located in Praque in the Czech Republic. Bach has the perfect view over the Vltava, which we as Germans know as the Moldau, the name of a song which by the way is a world-famous composition of the composer Bedřich Smetana. Click here wait until 1:15 minutes and I bet, you have heard that work before. Thank you so much, Joan.




Also a monument that we discovered very late in our Bach mission. It wasn't easy to find any information about this tribute on the internet. It was lost in the turmoil of the Second World War and until then stood on the Siegesallee (Victory Alley), which the Berliners also called Puppet Alley. It was a long row of large monuments, each of which was supplemented by two further monuments. The Bach Monument can be seen very small – to the left of Frederick the Great's epee.


6. Bach Cities, Bach Locations, Bach Places ... An Add-On for You!


You may think: What is that? What is an add-on on a website? And anyway: How can you list all the 9 Bach cities and Bach locations above ... and then, on the other hand, come up with another Bach town or city?


But... you can. Because there are not only nine or ten such Bach cities or Bach locations. There are 33, and an outcry is certainly going through the whole community of serious Bach researchers, Bach scientists and Bach authors. What is meant?


It is about all cities and communities that can be even distantly associated with Johann Sebastian Bach or with the Bach family. In other words, Bach cities and Bach places where the master played a concert at least once, or as in Berlin ordered an instrument and later collected it. Then there are the Bach locations and cities that had nothing to do with Johann Sebastian Bach himself, but with the Bach family of musicians. Erfurt is such a city. Bach researcher Helga Brück lived in Erfurt and spent three days a week in the city archives until shortly before her death. She also found the decisive clue to my husband's affiliation with the Bachs of Bindersleben. And that's why this little video about this Bach city of Bach cities simply has to go here in this section. By the way: 60 church book entries on the Bach family alone and that in the center of "Bach Country" make Erfurt a Bach super city.


Next video below is a pure music video on the topic of Bach cities and Bach places: It is a video and image collage of the "Festival of Lights" in Berlin, to which Gerhard Kaune, who lives in Berlin, contributed the images and the film material. The photos and film sequences are only converted by us. Thank you, dear Gerhard.


And third, you "must" see Dresden in our music video. What a Bach city. And if there is even a third category of Bach cities and Bach towns, then Dresden is definitely at the top. Dresden has certainly hosted one of the most memorable music competitions of all time ... and Johann Sebastian Bach won it "big".


Bach cities and Bach places are communities mainly in Thuringia for us even if they are of special importance for the Bach genealogy. And of special importance means that not every city becomes a Bach place where "any" Bach played music at some time. But if - as mentioned above - no less than 60 entries on the members of the Bach family are listed in the church books of Erfurt then Erfurt is without question one of the important Bach cities. And why Gräfenroda is one of the very special Bach towns, even though this little "nest" had almost nothing to do with Johann Sebastian Bach, remains a mystery for you here and now which you ... on the many homepages of our Bach mission websites ... must search for yourself. But, you will find it for sure.


So here it is, the bonus to the chapter Bach cities and Bach places with the videos about Erfurt, Dresden and Berlin. Have fun watching it. Have fun listening to it, too.



Bach cities and Bach places: Erfurt. Johann Sebastian Bach was, however, probably only for a private visit to this Bach city on the Gera.




Bach cities and Bach places, the bonus in the chapter: Berlin. Berlin was the residence of the "Old Fritz", King Frederick of Prussia and Bach was ordered to visit. But Berlin is also Bach's city because Bach ordered a musical instrument here in the Köthen period. And later also picked it up. Nevertheless, Berlin is "only" a Bach city in the third category ... so to speak.




Bach cities and Bach places, the add-on in the chapter: Dresden. How good that the music competition with the Frenchman Marchand took place right here because without this event Dresden would not be such a crystal clear Bach city. A Bach location within category 3, of course. By the way, you can find out more about all 33 Bach cities and Bach places here, if you can't get enough of them.



Oh, and by the way, yes I know ... the Ave Maria is only half by Johann Sebastian Bach ... the rest is from Gounod. And when it is also sung, it needs Schubert for the text and the singer has to be added. One work – four special artists – how cool is that!


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