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What on earth are the FAQs, you might ask yourself if you were "on the road" in the navigation and curiously clicked here on this page. I ask everyone else to skip this paragraph and scroll to the next but one. FAQ are "Frequently Asked Questions", questions that are asked again and again. FAQ just. Sometimes you can find the answers in German media also under "Q + A", which is also relatively English and means "Questions and Answers". FAQ about Johann Sebastian Bach today are mostly asked by kids or students and also typed into Google and aim at the fact that this one question about Johann Sebastian Bach has already been formulated exactly in a certain word choice - also as a complete sentence today - and Google now deals with it or deals with it. And that is in the hope of offering the perfect answer to precisely this question.


FAQ. And how nice it is when you have such a FAQ - in our case to Johann Sebastian Bach - and you find exactly the right answer without a long search. This chapter ... the FAQ serves this purpose. FAQ, just about Johann Sebastian Bach. Until March 2015, that was exactly 100 FAQs. But from March 2015 something very special will happen on the topic FAQ on the portal "Bach about Bach". The author - my husband - comes up with such questions himself, even very, very rare ones. And he then formulates the appropriate answer. The goal? One distant day, to actually provide exactly the right answer to any Bach topic imaginable to a FAQ that is also less frequently asked. As a question and also as an answer. Let's see if this also works.



How many children did Johann Sebastian Bach have? Or: How many children did Johann Sebastian Bach have in total? These are two of the most frequently asked questions about the composer's life ... on the Internet. But of course they are not the only questions. Above you can see the family of Johann Sebastian Bach in a picture painted by Tobi E. Rosenthal. The link here takes you to more than 100 FAQs.


100 FAQ Regarding Johann Sebastian Bach and 100 Answers to These FAQ


To list all 100 FAQ here again and also to describe all 100 answers to all FAQ to Johann Sebastian Bach here again in individual chapters, that would certainly be a violent and also a nonsensical effort, because they already exist. On another homepage, which is similar in style to this one. It is called - as already mentioned above - "Bach over Bach". And there it is: 100 FAQ and 100 answers. The first positions on the 101 already exist and others are created at irregular intervals. Read more? Or would you like to go to the more than 100 FAQs on "Bach on Bach"?


Also one of the frequent FAQs about Johann Sebastian Bach: Where exactly was he born in Eisenach? The answer: near the Bachhaus. In Eisenach in Thuringia. At the top of the picture is the Bachhaus, the building in which little Johann Sebastian Bach lived for almost ten years. But Bach was not born in this building, the Bachhaus. But that was what they meant for many decades, and even today there is still a blackboard hanging there that identifies this house as the composer's birthplace. Johann Sebastian was born just a few houses away "in the neighbourhood" of the Bachhaus and today's Bach Museum. A few steps further in the direction of the city centre.


FAQ No. 0 Regarding Johann Sebastian Bach and You Get a Very Unusual Unmusical Answer


What are the most beautiful musical works by Johann Sebastian Bach?


+++++++++++++++++++ How do you decide? Because taste plays a huge role in this ... Music taste. And whether you prefer piano works to organ works, violins to harpsichords or a great choir ... that plays an enormous role. Exactly with this question, this FAQ. So it is also one of the most difficult FAQs, respectively the answer to the topic Johann Sebastian Bach at all.


+++++++++++++++++++++++ How do I get to the most exciting works, the most beautiful ones, the most popular ones or simply the best ones? Now there is an answer: an answer ... also to this FAQ. First of all: Of course, these most beautiful pieces do not exist. The reason is given above ... it is simply a matter of taste. But there are the most popular and best-known works. And there are the big names of a few outstanding pieces. First there is the Mass in B Minor, then the Easter Oratorio, the Christmas Oratorio, the St. John Passion and the St. Matthew Passion, and some have hardly heard of Johann Sebastian Bach, but of the Brandenburg Concertos, the Well-Tempered Piano or the Musical Offering. It should be noted that one could already argue again whether an important work has been forgotten in the enumeration. Or whether one of the above-mentioned works is not one of the most famous. You think for example of the not mentioned "Air", the "Kaffeekantate", but please not of the "Bier-Kantate"?



This brings us to the answer in the Internet era. And Google and above all YouTube help us. These two Internet giants cannot be used to determine the most beautiful work by Johann Sebastian Bach, but they can determine the most popular and the most played and listened to works. You simply search for the pieces by their names or the BWV numbers - these are the numbers a piece has in the Bach catalogue of works (BWV) - and then see how popular the respective piece is on the two major Internet platforms.


+++++++++++++++++++++ Now one could arrange a sequence with the results, but it would perhaps favour a work that is easier to perform than another that is just as popular. And so the author of "Bach über Bach" has selected the 33 most played and most represented pieces: they are exactly 33. Because he likes the two three so much. He finds such number games exciting, which is why he has designed exactly 3 times 33 calendars. But only marginally. He has now prepared these 33 works by Johann Sebastian Bach especially for you. Once in a super fast compilation fitting to the FAQ 0 about Johann Sebastian Bach. You can find this video to the FAQ under this section. And once on his website.


The video matching the FAQ 0 related to Johann Sebastian Bach: Bach's 33 most popular and best-known musical works. In 333 seconds


Beyond the Johann Sebastian Bach FAQ 0: 33 x 33 Videos ... These Are Proud 1.089 Music Videos.


And if you find that it is forbidden to force 33 works of this master into a video with a length of 333 seconds, then you are actually quite right. But it is also mixed for the hurried "surfer of today", whose stay on websites can be calculated in milliseconds.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ On the "Werk + Musik" page of the homepage "Bach about Bach" there are these 33 musical works by Johann Sebastian Bach, of course, in reasonable time, even if none is longer than three and a half minutes. However, because your eyes usually get no entertainment at all during this time, while your ears are spoiled by the music of the Thomaskantor, the author thought that looking at some pretty pictures - in this time - might not be the worst idea.

++++++++++++++++++++++And because my husband knows even less about your taste for certain beautiful photo motifs than he does about your taste for great music (... after all, you are here right now), there is "something for everyone, too": Many themes that don't necessarily have anything to do with Johann Sebastian Bach are compiled there. That means quite simply: First you choose a piece of music ... and then a photo theme. Please in this order, it doesn't work any other way.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You will find photo galleries of all Bach cities and Bach places as well as cities in which Bach only had something to do in the broadest sense. But on this page of the homepage you will also find picture themes that could inspire guests from abroad to come to Germany, photos of little dogs and kittens, of flowers and trees, autumn and winter motifs, castles, nature parks in the USA, the "Berlin Festival of Lights". It sounds strange, it is strange ... but it is also "different", creative, innovative and at least worth a short visit. Click below to get there. Or you can take a look at three examples below to be on the safe side. Namely the Bach city Dresden, which is not really a "real Bach city". Then the theme Bach monuments and finally the "Festival of Lights" mentioned above. As photo series and "mixed" with Bach's music.



Video No. 2 on this page "FAQ regarding Johann Sebastian Bach": Enjoy the pictures of Dresden and listen to music from Johann Sebastian Bach.




The Video No. 3 on this page "FAQ regarding Johann Sebastian Bach": Enjoy Johann Sebastian Bach on postage stamps from all over the world, listen to Bach music and music from other composers and travel with the composer around the world.




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