Five Short Biographies About the Life of Johann Sebastian Bach


Where can you find on the Internet - and if not there - where on paper a biography in exactly the brevity you want at the moment? Or time for it. Or both. Maybe it's almost impossible. And you don't know if this short biography is really exciting and entertaining. Can a short biography be exciting and entertaining at all?


However: I can prepare myself so that you arrive here with such a wish! And that's what I have! There is such an offer. To the point. Are you considering whether you would like to "wrap up" the life of Johann Sebastian Bach in a biography of 10 minutes, spend 14 minutes with him, take 25 minutes for him? Or even want to spend an entire hour of your life with it? Of course, it is not added that you "stay" with the illustrations. Or even with the captions. By the way, they are different for each biography, i.e. the versions of different lengths! So you actually miss a part of the pretty paintings, drawings or historical photos.


As many times - and as I announced in the second sentence at the front of the homepage - this homepage is only a kind of "Internet traffic junction". From here it goes on. And in this case to the homepage "Bach about Bach", the project of my husband and there directly to the page for the selection of short biographies about Johann Sebastian Bach. With a click on the button, you are already there.


The Most Conveniant Short Biography about Johann Sebastian Bach in the World


And here is actually the fifth short biography about Johann Sebastian Bach and it is really at the same time the most comfortable in the world. Promised. One click and after a little more than nine minutes you know (almost) everything about the life of the great Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a really compact short biography about his life.


Well, everything about his life is perhaps a little exaggerated. Actually, it's not much more than an introduction. But this short biography is more entertaining than reading a few lines. You hear music by the master, you see original documents and in this short biography you also experience all nine places that were important in the life of Johann Sebastian Bach, or ten that are important for the musical family.



The short biography about the life of Johann Sebastian Bach in its shortest and at the same time most entertaining version. You will hear Bach's music and the cities in which Johann Sebastian Bach lived and worked will be presented. And you will also get to know some documents of importance in this small presentation.


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