Five Absolutely Different Types of Biographies About Joh. Seb. Bach


There are several reasons to read a biography about Johann Sebastian Bach. Except, of course, for the reason of wanting to know details about his life. However, such a consideration hardly arises if you are also interested in other exciting people, because then as a rule the most recent is the most interesting or there is only one really good one.


With Johann Sebastian Bach it is all different! Everything! This is also the case with a biography of him. Or better: with all biographies about him. You may want to read more about Johann Sebastian Bach because you want to have a good conversation. You may want to read about him because you want to know every aspect of his life in the light of the latest scientific findings. But you may also want to read a biography about his life because you want to be entertained. And it can be entertaining, exciting and good. Or you want an entertaining overview. In addition, you may want to experience the time spirit of the last centuries. Or experience the perspective from the year 1750, the year of the death of Johann Sebastian Bach.


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It is precisely on these points of view that my small selection of biographies on Johann Sebastian Bach is based. A historical edition is enough in my opinion and if you would like it to be top detailed and up to date, then the two-volume Spitta will take you much further ... but I wouldn't recommend it, because if you want it to the point exactly, then only a current work comes into question ... and this is the work of Christoph Wolff, the Bach expert of our century.


The necrology of 1750 is a pure and quite short entertainment. And it is very superficial in the sense of the detailed transmission of the many small events. Nor can it provide detailed information, as it is only 45 minutes long. This necrology is pure zeitgeist. It leads back to the time of Leipzig in the year 1750.


Thus, 3 types of Bach biography are discussed and a link leads them shortly to more information, more detailed, because so you do not make yourselves no picture. Not yet. There are still two genres: the sweetest and the most exciting. And these are crystal clear and without long consideration Ester Meynell's "The Little Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach". Unfortunately it is no longer printed, but it is so good that we would read it again "used" at any time. And it is Klaus Eidam's biography "The true life of Johann Sebastian Bach": That really creates excitement. 


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