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The 2022 Bach calendar fitting the subject of postage stamps among the 33 Bach calendars with great postage stamps to honor Johann Sebastian Bach. It is available in 3 sizes. EU style + US style. To the shop.



Musician gifts and more musician gifts. Or a wordplay are they music gifts and more music gifts? Anyway: This page on this website, that is the page with the many gifts, is structured like all websites in the "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission". So you have the choice here, too: You can click directly into the shop, then choose a gift theme and get to know this gift better with just one click. Or you can immediately there in the shop browse for exciting gifts if you don't know what you want to give away yet. Then this is an experience similar to exploring the Bach website "Bach on Bach". Or maybe ... you stay here, on this site and have fun reading. Because here it is not short and concise, but you will learn more.


You are still here and have decided on the alternative: You let yourself drift a little bit and we entertain you continue reading on this page what cool gifts the publishing house "Bach 4 You" has arranged. And what we have come up with when something didn't exist before, but is an excellent music gift. So ... do you feel like it now? And have time? And you are in a good mood as well? If so: Enjoy reading.


Gifts and more gifts: Let's Start with Books. Books about the German Composer Johann Sebastian Bach


Of course, we want to start here with exactly the work of which the publisher is proudest. It is a Bach biography for children, which was created entirely by members of this family. Of course this fact is not enough. Unless all three... the author, the painter of the illustrations and myself as a publisher are doing what we brought to this biography, also professionally and out of passion.


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After all, it was a long way, about a whole year, until the idea of a Bach biography for children arrived as the first edition at the publishing house in Flein with the forwarding agency. And actually it was about two to three years, because the idea that a biography especially for children would fantastically complement the spectrum of Bach reading was something my husband, the author of "Bach on Bach", had long before that. He corresponded with publishers and with authors, that is, real writers, but ... but somehow everyone he approached had something more important in mind. And so it was that the illustrator, Petra-Ines Kaune, my husband's sister, and I convinced him: "You can do this. You can write a biography for children yourself". A few weeks later the first rough draft of the work was ready. At the same time the cute watercolors of Petra-Ines Kaune were created and for many months I took care of "the rest". And these were corrections, mainly the layout, commissioning more paintings, quickly founding a book publishing house, taking care of fonts, paper thickness, printing types, finding a good offset printing company, establishing contact and finally having the book printed. Today it is long finished and already the first children are enthusiastic about it. And also grown-ups. Meanwhile, you can buy it in several versions. For example here very close by: in the shop of "Bach 4 You".



This is hardly one of the gifts for musicians, but it is certainly a music gift: the Bach coloring book of "Bach 4 You".


It's not a real book, but it is a real publication. Namely, the coloring book about Johann Sebastian Bach for children. Not so long ago the reference "for children" was somewhat superfluous. But ... times have changed and even grown-ups are welcome to paint along.


The coloring book also has a long history. When my husband had successfully found out how to expand the circle of people interested in Bach to include school children and young music fans, he had the desire for a next project, because he had not yet thought of the very small future Bach fans with a music gift. Because for an age of 5 years, the Bach biography is certainly not - not yet - suitable. And so he searched, on the internet and also in the non-virtual world, for artists with whom he could, for a very small budget, make this idea of a coloring book on the subject of Bach a reality. Artists would certainly have been found eventually, but not for a recognition fee. The project was "doomed to failure" after a few months. Then my husband remembered the contact to his cousin Briana Bach-Hertzog, who also painted "Bach in Blue" for the front page of my husband's Bach project. She studied together with fellow students, and one option was that students would certainly paint for a more acceptable fee. He asked Briana, and she didn't look for long, but offered to paint the scenes herself. And so my husband drafted his ideas, Briana made the drawings from them, a bilingual mini-biography completed the whole thing and I did what I always do: the rest. Today, the painting book is well-received, especially in various Bach institutions in the major Bach locations.


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Tin figures on the subject of Bach are an exciting thing. Of course, they belong in the publishing program if my father-in-law is a collector of tin figures. 



For many years Peter Bach, Sr., father of my husband Peter Bach, Jr., collected tin figures. And the fact, that he was no tin soldiers collector, was very important to him. And also that his figures were not made of lead. There were tin figures related to Bach even before our "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission" existed. The only thing is that we did not like the flat Bach figures. The 3-D one, as shown in the picture above, is different. That ... is perfect. Both as a blank, as experts call it, and painted.


Such a tin figure is a great decoration. A painted one and an unpainted one behind it "tell a story".


33 Music Calendars, 33 Composers Calendars, 33 Bach Calendars: This Is A Total of 99 Music Gifts



Der zweite Bach-Briefmarken-Kalender, der in 3 Größen erhältlich ist. 2022 + 2023. US + EU style.




Gifts for musicians, gifts for musicians: We bet, you don't have seen all the Bach monuments, which exist between Prague in the East and Paris in the West? Here you get to the shop and with that to the monthly pages. 99 music calendars: 3 sizes. 2022 + 2023. US style / EU style.




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