Johann Sebastian Bach: The Complete Edition on 142 CDs


The Complete Edition, that is, the complete works of music by Johann Sebastian Bach. What does that actually mean? Is it the complete edition of all works that Bach ever composed?


No, it is as of 2020 the music that has survived of Bach's complete works, that is, what has been preserved of Bach's complete works. Summarized into one edition, or more precisely, the Complete Edition.


However, the Eisenach composer is said to have created a lot more. A Bach expert more precisely, the best Bach connoisseur – estimates that this complete work as we know it today is just 10 percent of the music that the Thomas Cantor created in his life. At least every now and then another piece from his "feather" can be found ... which is then of course a world sensation among Bach lovers.


J.S. Bach – The Music Gesamtwerk = The Music Complete Edition. What Are the Reasons for This?


What speaks crystal clear for this complete edition, so why you can' t be wrong with the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach' s music? Because there is probably no place where you can get it new for less. In exactly this edition. 1,128 works, many, really many hours of music and all this for a price in the "Bach 4 You shop" of 64 Euro Cents per CD. Plus a small shipping fee. Plus you get two free Bach add-ons with your purchase.


For Whom Is this Complete Edition of Bach's Music Perfect?


You have heard first works by Bach on the website "Bach about Bach". Now you would like to hear more of Johann Sebastian Bach.

You have heard the most famous works of Bach on the website "Bach on Bach" ... and now you want to hear them played by a real orchestra.

You want to find out for yourself what kind of music by Johann Sebastian Bach you like best and there is no easier or cheaper way than with this music complete edition, his complete music works.

They want to "work their way through" Bach's complete work, first all the cantatas, then all the concertos, then the passions.

You do not want to have to compile Bach's complete works yourself on the basis of the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV, the Bach Works Directory).

You want to distribute Bach's complete works to friends, acquaintances or within the family. What is better than the complete edition in one publication. Or simply give Bach's music as a gift.


... and for absolute connoisseurs and music lovers. From this complete edition, the complete works of Bach, you can then if you know what you like approach the piece by Johann Sebastian Bach, which will then also be played by your favorite orchestra or interpreter. You can access the shop via the link above or at the bottom of the page.


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