The Biography About Johann Sebastian Bach for Children. Is It an Exciting Bach Biography for Grown-Ups as Well?


Actually ... so it has developed. The Bach biography for kids also seems to be just right for many adults. That's how it unintentionally developed.

We Never Planned It That Way


It took a whole year to write the probably most comprehensive biography ever written about Bach for kids. From the decision to write it, to illustrate it and finally to publish it on paper, until the first printed edition was delivered to Renate Bach Verlag.


And why is here not more about the "Bach biography for children? Because this page is all about whether it is cool for grown-ups and whether it is worth reading it even without children in the family. And that ... is what it does according to various parents and grandparents told me. 


Most biographies on the market, especially those of Professor Wolff, Harvard and Leipzig, are extremely detailed and very scientific. In the case of those of Spitta, Forkel and Terry, it is also true that their writing style no longer reflects the spirit of the time. That's negative ... if you don't find it cool. You could reject the "Little Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach" for various reasons, which we do not share: But this biography is a more lovely introduction to Bach's life and is only one percent not a biography. Or perhaps you do not like second-hand books. Or perhaps it was simply written too long ago.


But this biography is written for children, "invented" by my husband, it simply has to tell the life of the composer in a "light and easy" way. With lots of fun, smiles and winking around. And that's what makes it a "light fare" for grown-ups, too. A usual biography about Bach is in its serious and usual form of a biography just hard to "digest" and you can quickly lose the fun of reading it. An exception is Klaus Eidam's book "The True Life of Johann Sebastian Bach", which you can buy second-hand in my publishing house. It is as entertaining as my husband's biography, but written for grown-ups and "seasoned" with excitement and surprises.


You can find out more about the biography about Bach for children in my shop, there is an extensive reading offer and there you can also test listen to it for a few minutes and find out whether you enjoy it as an audio book even more.


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