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Three Representatives of the Historic Bach Biography, which You Still Can Buy New and Hot Off the Press Today



Mr. Forkel, first successful writer of a detailed Bach biography.


Here we present the first historical representative of a biography of Bach: This work is still being unread and new sold, so successful was Forkel's expertise. Our historical recommendation number 1. Exciting about it, as with the next two recommendations: It's a true reflection of the times. Of course, this biography is in competition with more recent findings.




Of course, it is not it, the Bach biography of Mr. Forkel. And yet, it is not only a wonderful little decoration, but in it there is actually a shortened version of the Bach biography of Johann Nikolaus Forkel. You can still get it, by the way, as a cool decoration or a perfect gift.



A historical edition of Spitta's biography on Bach. The special thing: Of course it's still available in a brand-new edition. Fresh off the shelf. In an elegant grey binding, just like back then ... without a picture of Bach.


The mammoth work of Johann Philipp Spitta still appears today as a biography in 2 volumes. And you can buy it brand new. So successful was Spitta's version on Bach for so many, many decades that even today a publisher takes the risk and has a new edition printed again and again. Absolutely recommendable, if you want to buy the spirit of the age in addition.



You can still buy this fresh off the shelf, from the publishers "Breitkopf und Härtel". Even so many decades after their first publication. The biography about Bach. It is the third and last recommendation for a biography, if you like the style of writing a bit "dusty", in addition to the fun about Bach's life. Which of the three can be "consumed" best means which one is the easiest to read is. what we will certainly be able to recommend to you as early as 2021, because by then all the more urgent "construction sites" in our joint "Bach mission" will have been completed.


The Most Historic of All Bach Biographies



Written as early as 1750, in the year of Bach's death. It was published as late as 4 years later. These were the first 4 years of "Bach's sleeping beauty": His music was "out" for three quarters of a century.



The undoubtedly most historical and thus of course the oldest of all Bach biographies has three authors. The most famous is certainly one of Bach's successful sons, namely Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, who is today also known as the Berlin Bach and at the same time the Hamburg Bach. The second in the group was Johann Friedrich Agricola and finally Lorenz Christoph Mizler de Kolof. The publishing house "Bach 4 You" offers you something very special for this. An audio file: Accompanied by Bach's music, a professional narrator speaks the complete necrology according to the spirit of the times, a wonderful listening experience. Alternatively, you can also read it, and in a variety of ways, actually on "Bach on Bach", my husband's project. You can get there by clicking on this link.


The Loveliest of All Bach Biographies



If you know how, you get this super "biography" in still really good condition. It is a pity that it is no longer printed and cannot be printed by any other publisher for a long time, because it is far from being in the public domain.



The Bach biography of Esther Meynell. Our warmest recommendation if you don't care very much whether one or the other tiny and insignificant detail is not 100 percent historically correct. While our other Bach mission focus on accuracy in all aspects of Bach, especially in Bach genealogy, our project here has another clear priority: the easy understanding of the subject matter in general, the entertaining nature, the fun of reading and the enjoyment of Bach. This biography is a novel that is very close to reality. And what is essential: This biography reads in a lighthearted, loving way, so to speak. You have fun with it. To read it is so recommendable that the publishing house "Bach 4 You" offers this biography as one of only two biographies also in good used condition. It's a pity, in German only, sorry! We are really taken with it ... so enthusiastically.



Gripping, Captivating: The Top Biography of Klaus Eidam ... It's Available Brand New on Amazon




There are different covers, but inside it is the same in all books: the biography about Bach by Klaus Eidam.



For my husband it is the absolute number one of the Bach biographies. He would have loved to meet the author, but unfortunately he died in 2006, long before my husband started his project "Bach on Bach". Eidam was a dramaturge and a controversial contemporary. "The True Life of Johann Sebastian Bach", published in 2005, naturally burst at the very time when the biography of Bach by Bach specialist Wolff was already firmly established. And Eidam "held out against it" and did not hide his opinion ... in the book.


My husband has read Eidam's biography on Bach a total of four times, and he has often used it for research for his "Bach on Bach" portal. "The true life..." obviously implies that the other authors didn't get it right. Otherwise, it would have been "The Life of Bach" and not "The True Life". Eidam got off on it, of course, and that was logical when you read in his book. He hardly received any positive feedback from Bach connoisseurs, but: Few people get away well in his biography contemporaries or Bach specialists who are no longer alive and the most frequent in the crosshairs is of course the New Bach Society in Leipzig. Many, many people who have dealt with Bach in their lives get "their fat off" from Eidam. 


This biography reads like a thriller, and you get more and more pleasure from how aggressively Eidam hits his colleagues in the matter of Bach. His, theses are close to a conspiracy theory. Many of them are easy to understand, they sound plausible. His explanations are exciting and the text is pleasant to read. One would like to read on, is curious about the next interpretation of a situation in Bach's life or about the evaluation by others not from Eidam's point of view experts in Bach. For my husband, Eidam's biography is clearly one of the best, or more precisely: for him it is by far the best. For anyone who can at least smile at conspiracy theories and does not simply wipe them off the table immediately, "The True Life of Johann Sebastian Bach" is a must.


Unfortunately, you can't add this work to the "Big Five", because its ascent was too short for that and it didn't reach the heights of a Spitta, Forkel or a biography of Wolff, either. One day says my husband maybe one day we, the "Bach-Mission" might want to publish the book again. In whatever form. Let us see where the path leads us. Up to this day it is the second book, next to Esther Meynell and her work "The little chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach", which the publishing house also offers in good condition and only used. This is true for German Bach fans. English-speaking Bach enthusiasts may find this still actual book on Amazon. Google "The True Life of Bach" and add the name of Hoyt Rogers, he is the translator.


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