The First Bach Biography: The Necrology of 1750


Stop, stop, stop. I want you to think about this first: The Necrology of 1750, the first biography of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach, is also available as an audio book. With music and without music. Entertainment, in other words. But that really isn't exciting at all if you have already read through it before. End of the "announcement".



The Necrology of 1750 correct, published not until four years later this Necrology was "as lost" in 2012 as Bach's work was for 80 years after his death. Sure, experts always knew where to find it and how to find it. But we in German and on the Internet did not find the Necrology at all at first. Later on, at first only in English and ordered in the USA. Even later, of course, in Leipzig, in the Bach Archive and, at the very end, with Professor Yo Tomita in Belfast. Today you can find it again. On the Internet. At Google. With the keywords "Bach" and "Necrology". Under "Bach" and "Necrology". Good? Good!

Wonderful, you now have the choice of four versions. You can now enjoy this exciting first biography about the life of Johann Sebastian Bach in four different ways.


First there is the audio book: That's 20 minutes of text and on top of that there are additional 18 minutes of music. That makes a relaxed 38 minutes and you can listen to the whole thing spoken by a professional narrator. Quite in the style of the time back then, because that's how people talked about 270 years ago. "Johann Sebastian Bach had a "stupid face" towards the end of his life is one expression in the entertaining audio read.


The Necrology of Johann Sebastian Bach as an Audio Book


If you are interested in Bach and his biography, then it is precisely this historical biography and this as an audio book that introduces the adventure of Bach with the right amount of leisure.

2.   The Necrology of Johann Sebastian Bach in Old German Font and Language


Read the necrology in the old German language and also in the old font of that time. It's not possible that fast. But you didn't want to "get through" quickly either. Or maybe you did. If you feel like it now, just click to "Bach on Bach" and you will find the appropriate page.


3.   The Necrology of Johann Sebastian Bach in Old Language, However in Actual Font


Here you can read the necrology at least in a modern font. And what is 270 years old German in it, you can manage yourself. Here you get there.


4.   You Read the Necrology a Little Later


Or you can spontaneously skip the necrology or save it for later. Which is why? Because you might want to watch the biography as a video in a nine-minute short cute Bach biography.


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