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This will not become that easy for Families and Bach fans in the English-speaking world. It's a lot easier in Germany, as my publishing house as access to both books in the middle. However, not in English, but in German. I really tried hard and did not find a single used copy of the Anna Magdalena book. So the probability that you find one, is small. However, you can purchase the Eidam book, which you can order on Amazon, use Hoyt Rogers – he is the translator – if you have difficulties to find it.



This is quite a strange offer, which you can only get at the Renate Bach Publisher and the online shop "Bach 4 You" (2 of 4 items above). It's basically four different biographies on two different media. And the offer is based on a service that is exactly the same as you won't find anywhere else.


First there is the biography, which my husband he is also the author of several "Bach on Bach" websites finds by far the most exciting. Besides his own writing. Unfortunately it is no longer available for purchase and the publisher is doing its best to find good to very good German copies and to buy them for you. It's easier for you, if you speak English, because if so, you can order a copy on Amazon. It is the biography "The True Life of Johann Sebastian Bach" by Klaus Eidam and translator Hoyt Rogers. With 7,000 biographies on Bach, after 270 years of publication, you really have to come up with something very special and exceptional to stand out in the crowd of works as "special".


This is the case with Klaus Eidam's biography on Bach. Most biographers - and this is almost logical - can only build on the biographies and knowledge of previous biographies for their own Bach biography. And that is an estimated 98 to 100% of the knowledge that has been handed down. Cordially little is rediscovered by the Bach science - from new publication to the next new publication - and flows into a next work. After 80 years, after 50 years, or as we do today ... from year to year and sometimes several times a year.


This Bach biography is indeed different from all 7,000 other biographies about Johann Sebastian Bach.


And what is so different and what is so special about this biography? Klaus Eidam "tickles" himself with other authors and also with Bach institutions. On the interpretation of events in Bach's life. Plus, his whole book is laid out like a modern conspiracy theory. Eidam literally attacks individual biographers - by name and makes fun of their expertise. At the very least, he presents comprehensibly and above all convincingly why one here is completely wrong and the other there - in his opinion is completely wrong. At the same time Eidam inspires with his argumentation, because he often explains well-known events in Bach's life from a completely different perspective. To this end, Klaus Eidam browsed through other biographies, and he reviewed original documents that were not written on the subject of Bach.


And so this one of 7,000 biographies about the life of Johann Sebastian Bach is not: It is not a piece boring. Which is not true for many Bach biographies.



What a "family bundle": two used books, two downloads.


Parents and Children Experience "Common Bach Weeks"


Why don't you experience the life of the greatest musician and composer of all time together? Mummy reads the little chronicle, dad reads the Eidam and together you listen to the story of Johann Sebastian Bach as the little baroque angel Balthazar tells it to his very best friend Veit.


It is a strange offer for Bach fans in Germany as mentioned because neither Eidam's book nor "The Little Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach" is still available hot off the press. But the Renate Bach Publisher is providing both books for this offer ... as a copy in good or very good condition.


In this way you get to know Bach from a particularly lovely side. Of course, one or the other situation - scientifically speaking - is not reproduced here as it actually was. But who needs that exactly. This small "Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach" was once printed in a circulation of 1,600,000 copies. Today, a writer is already considered successful when 500 copies can be sold. My mother-in-law was very enthusiastic about this kind of biography. And she too is the opposite of boring.

An Exciting Audio Experience: the Biography about Johann Sebastian Bach in a Mix with Bach's Music


Why not explore the life of Johann Sebastian Bach together? Just listen into the book. And how the biography sounds mixed with Bach's music. You can do that right here, just click on the > button below.


An "Appetizer" Regarding the Medley Including the Biography about Bach


In just a few sentences you can enjoy the biography about Johann Sebastian Bach in advance. Narrated by a professional and also underlaid with the music of Bach. A whole eight minutes short. But that's not what's exciting about this Bach medley. The special thing about this little audio collage are the quotes that famous people scientists, musicians, politicians said about the Thomaskantor, which prove that there is no other musician about whom there are so many impressive statements. In the quotes, even two professionals take turns in speaking. This collection of quotations is again embedded in Bach's music. The strange thing is that you could listen to the whole biography right now. With one click here. And the 33 pieces of music by Bach the best known and most popular of all too. With one click here. And you can also read all the quotes. With one click here. Then however ... you've robbed yourself of all the fun. But a minute or two in the original is enough to whet your appetite for more. Just click on the play button in the picture below.


Also a Question of this Mission: the Very Special, Cool "Bach Family Biography Bundle Fun"


Why do they, the Bachs, do this for their German fans? More precisely: the Renate Bach Publisher, in other words Renate Bach. The "Bach on Bach" project by Peter Bach, Jr. and the Renate Bach publishing house "Bach 4 You" want to spread the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach. This is anchored in their own statutes. And what better way is there to do this with the very Bach biographies that have inspired the author of these pages. Both as a biography, which sheds light on Bach's life scientifically, as well as a biography, which with a romantic touch does not tell the story of the Thomaskantor's work in a very realistic way, but it almost does, and thirdly, the biography for children, which was written precisely because, in the opinion of Peter Bach, Jr., didn't exist so far. Finally, there is a short audible biography in nine minutes and a collection of quotations to get an impressive overview of the immense importance of exactly this one composer, for many the greatest of all.


So, what Does the "Bach Family Biography Bundle Fun" Cost?


That is really much easier to explain in the German shop of my publishing house, as we are able to send you both the Eidam Bach book and the Meynell Bach book plus 2 downloads. It is not possible for English-speaking Bach fans. However, at least we can tell you the price of the Eidam book, which my husband considers the best biography about the Thomas Cantor by far and help you with a link to Amazon, directly to the book. There, it starts with $ 20 (... caution, this is the only hint not in Euro but in Dollar). Please order directly via Amazon.


It's a pity that we can not find any copy of the book of Esther Meynell, maybe in the future, plus we can not create a translation, as this book is not yet in the public domain. Not for many years to come.


The audio book for children with 19 music pieces from Johann Sebastian Bach costs € 19,90 and the Bach medley costs € 9,99. Bach Medley and Bach Biography are downloads. The VAT is included.


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