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This will not become that easy for Families and Bach fans in the English speaking world. Actually



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The two books in the middle is what you get only, if you put in some effort. The easier one to purchase surely is the work of Esther Meynell: The title is "The Little Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach" and with a lot of luck, there is no "broken link", when you click on this prepared way to AMAZON. You only get this one as a used book. The left book is easier to buy - new - but we have to change several thigs: First, in English the Transaltor is Hoyt Rogers, mentioned on the title page, just not to confuse you. Next is the title: it's English, not like on the German counterpart pic. And finally, there is a complete different picture showing Bach. On the right and on the left side, there are two items, which are not yet ready in June 2019: One is tzhe biography about BAch for children, cool for parents, too. And an entertaining collection of quotes and tribuites in a mix witrh Bach's music. Those mentioned audio items is what you can buy in the shop.



This is a very strange offer, which you can only get at Renate Bach Verlag and the online shop "Bach 4 You". Basically there are four different biographies on two different media. And the offer is based on a service that is not available elsewhere in the same way.++++++++++++++++++++++


First there is the biography, which my husband - he is also the author of several "Bach über Bach" homepages - finds by far the most exciting. Except for his own writings. Unfortunately they are no longer available and the publisher does his best to find good to very well preserved copies and to buy them for you. It is the biography "Das wahre Leben des Johann Sebastian Bach" by Klaus Eidam. With 7,000 biographies about Bach, you really have to come up with something very special and special after 260 years, in order to stand out in the crowd of works as "special" at all.++++++++++++++++++++++++


This is the case with the biography of Bach by Klaus Eidam. Most biographers - and this is almost logical - can only build on the biographies and knowledge of the previous biographies for their own Bach biography. And that is an estimated 98% to 100% of the knowledge handed down. Cordially little is rediscovered - from new publication to the next new publication - by Bach science and flows into a next work. After 80 years, after 50 years or like today ... from year to year and sometimes several times a year.

Parents and Children experience "Common Bach Weeks"


Why not experience the life of the greatest musician and composer of all time together. Mom reads the little chronicle, Dad reads the Eidam and together you listen to the story of Johann Sebastian Bach as the little baroque angel Balthazar tells his best friend Vitus.


+++++++++++++ It is a strange offer - as mentioned - because neither Eidam nor the little chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach can be bought hot off the press. The booklet by Esther Meynell is also available from Renate Bach Verlag for this offer ... as a well-preserved or very well-preserved copy.


In this way you get to know Bach from a particularly lovely side. Of course, one or the other situation - from a scientific point of view - is not reflected here as it actually was. But who really needs that? This small "Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach" was once printed in a print run of 1,600,000 copies. Today, a writer is already described as successful if 500 copies can be sold. My mother-in-law was very enthusiastic about this kind of biography. And she, too, is the opposite of boring.

An Exciting Audio Experience: the Biography about Johann Sebastian Bach in a Mix with Bach's Music


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An "Appetizer" Regarding the Biography about Bach


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Also a Question of this Mission: the very special, cool "Bach Family Bundle Biography Fun"


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So, what Does the "Bach Family Biography Bundle Fun" Cost?


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99 Music Gifts: 33 Music Calendars, 33 Composers Calendars, 33 Bach Calendars 



A 2020 Bach calendar coming with the Bach biography. Can you picture this: There are so many Bach stamps, that you can make a "trip around the globe" with them. What do we mean? Well, just enjoy the video. A real cool Bach calendar. 99 music calendars. 3 sizes. To the shop.



Bach cities and Bach places, Bach locations and Bach monuments: This is the only Bach calendar, which matches this subject this close. Plus, there is a historical portrait coming with ever monthly page.





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